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Thursday, August 2, 2012


TransitionTransition by Megan S. Johnston

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Transition” has quite an intriguing premise: Chimeras, a mythical race of beings composed of three animals in combination (in Greek myth; lion, goat, and snake), actually do exist and have for millennia. Divided into opposing segments by the deities, who thought the Chimeras’ abilities too dangerous, the species has hunted ever since to find its “other half,” its “sodalist” or lifetime mate. Shelby, a homeschooled farm girl who now attends Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, has recently had a series of dreams both disturbing and enticing, of a sexy male who communicates with her by seeming telepathy, and who is tattooed broadly with a Siberian white tiger. Friends try to tell her to forget her dream fantasy and date what’s real; but sometimes friends don’t know best, and neither do family. Shelby will have to make her own considered decision.

The friendship with tension between Shelby and Jen are mirrored by similar between the Chimeras Develon and Stephen. All the characters are well-rounded and understandable. The explanations of the seemingly mythical premise of the Chimeras are handled in a way that allows immediate suspension of reality; there is no “huh? That’s not possible” involved because the locale is so detailed and the Chimeras just seem so natural and so plausible that the reader is immediately drawn in.

This novel is not just well-written and enjoyable; it’s addictive. I found myself thinking about the plot, the setting, and the characters, even while reading other books and while trying to sleep. “Transition” is very highly recommended; I can only hope it will be but the first in a very attractive and enjoyable series.

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