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Saturday, August 18, 2012

THE ROAD OF THINGS TO COME by Benson Phillip Lott_Review

The Road of Things to ComeThe Road of Things to Come by Benson Phillip Lott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This review is based on a copy provided to me by the publisher, Untreed Reads, on August 2, 2012, in exchange for my fair, honest, and impartial review, via Goodreads Group Making Connections.

Review of The Road of Things to Come by Benson Phillip Lott

Scary, scary, scary. That thought runs through my mind from the first page of this story to the last. Not just that-in my sleepless mode last night, I couldn’t help reprising this story-and still thinking, “Scary. Scary. Scary.” This is true psychological horror-who needs splatterpunk-this novella stood my hair on end from first word to last word. Think Henry James in “Turn of the Screw.” Think Saki in “The Open Window.” Then think “The Road of Things to Come.” Get it-read it-get scared-stay scared. What a story!
Complex, riveting, frightening-and maybe even possible! Highly recommended.

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