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Thursday, August 23, 2012

THE GORGE by J.L. McPherson_Review

The GorgeThe Gorge by J.L. McPherson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of The Gorge by J. L. McPherson
Review requested by author via Mallory Heart Reviews FB Page

What an electrifying, vividly scenic, Supernatural thriller! I truly raced through this book in one sitting. I loved the background, the Supernatural elements (all of them), the good character delineation, and the way in which author J. L. McPherson has manipulated a multiple-plot thread story without once losing control of what he is attempting. The novel begins with the tribulations of Nathan Mires of Western North Carolina, but although Nathan is an important person throughout the plot, he is not the only one, nor is he the central character. Instead, the story centers around a locale, Weeping Rock Gorge in the Pisgah National Forest of the Southern Appalachians, still a wild and isolated location, despite the rampant overdevelopment of the past 80 years. It is around that Gorge and its existence and those “tools” through which it works-both otherworldly and human-that the plot lines of this story revolve and evolve. The ending was so incredible that I wish I could mention it, but for the sake of the avid readers to come, I shall not explain it.
“The Gorge” is graphically violent, but in the context of this novel as Horror and Supernatural, I did not consider the violence overdone or unnecessary (although I did grit my teeth on a couple of occasions). Rather, what happens here makes sense in the context of the novel. I will, however, rate it 18+ due to the violence and some situations.

The author provided a copy of this book in return for my fair, honest, and impartial review.

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