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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

THE TOMB by Dave Ferraro_Review

The TombThe Tomb by Dave Ferraro

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of The Tomb by Dave Ferraro
Reviewed for We ♥ YA Books!

I received an ebook copy from Smashwords, via We ♥ YA Books! Goodreads Group in exchange for my fair and impartial review.

I really appreciate the gentle notching of the reader’s hook accompanied by the subtle escalation of suspense. So much in this novel depends on the psychological aspect of horror, which to me is much more poignant that splattering the reader with gore. Author Dave Ferraro is well aware of the inside-and-out of his characters, drawing them deftly and empathetically. When one or more of the individuals on Black Forest Island, among the archaeological crew and support staff (the supply boat captain) begin to act “out of character,” it’s not done obviously but subtly, inspiring the reader to think about what’s happening, and why-and then the intermittent tie-ins with Rachel’s seemingly faulty memory lend yet another layer of suspense. For readers who prefer their horror flavoured with the Supernatural or paranormal, there’s plenty of that here too; but I must marvel at the psychological insights. Once again I am reminded of Henry James in “Turn of the Screw,” and Saki in “The Open Window,” because sometimes what is to be feared is within, not always external.
I highly enjoyed and recommend this book. The author has a very smooth writing style which encourages me to go read all his other stories as well.

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