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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AFTERLIFE (The Undermountain Saga #2) by Eric Edstrom_Review

Afterlife (The Undermountain Saga, #2)Afterlife by Eric Edstrom

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This highly-awaited sequel to “Undermountain” is every iota as impressive as its predecessor in “The Undermountain Saga.” Non-stop adventure races at the pace of a monorail train, while empathetic characters (Breyony, Danny, Em, Shiv, and Wa, as well as the character everybody would like to leave behind-Bronson) keep readers entranced. In “Undermountain,” we readers were “abducted” underground, far beneath Earth’s surface, to confront both myths and legends, and science fiction turned fact. The ending was not an unnecessary cliffhanger, but did leave readers hoping for a sequel so we could find out more about the characters who had so endeared themselves to us. Here is that sequel, interweaving more science fiction come to life with incredible ancient history, making us devour the story at the speed of light. Author Eric Edstrom never drops a thread, keeping readers riveted and always hungry to turn the next page. Even the “villains” are presented three-dimensionally and are readily comprehended-whether we approve of their behavior and intent or not.
I don’t think I can recommend either “Afterlife” or “Undermountain” highly enough. Although the two are seamless parts of an entirety, it is not necessary to read “Undermountain” first (but then why would you miss it?) I did reread “Undermountain” in preparation for reviewing “Afterlife,” but the latter stands alone, unlike in some series, where too much backstory is left out. “Afterlife” can be read and enjoyed by itself; but do yourself a favour and get both. They’re keepers.

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