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Sunday, February 21, 2016

THINGS WE FEAR by Glenn Rolfe

Things We FearThings We Fear by Glenn Rolfe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars 

Review: THINGS WE FEAR by Glenn Rolfe

I never miss a Glenn Rolfe story--never. I know I'll be scared, in a subtle and literary way. THINGS WE FEAR crept under my skin. Author Rolfe combines human monsters (yes, they exist) and the monsters-in-the-closet type of scare: those "that can't really exist!" kind. A character in another story insists, "Ghosts can literally scare you to death." Sometimes, our fears can be the death of us, too. 

Be wiser than me: . Don't read this at night. 

Things We Fear, Synopsis

Print length: 98 pages
Publisher: Samhain Horror
Publication date: March 8, 2016

Summer has just begun, and fear is in season.

School’s out, and the faculty at Fairington Elementary School are free for the summer. Emily Young can’t deny her attraction to Aaron Jackson, the Ed Tech from her classroom, but she’s afraid of being hurt again. Meanwhile, Aaron is determined not to let his phobia of drowning prevent him from enjoying the sun and the sand of Maine’s best beach town.

But they’re about to learn real fear. Fairington is home to a monster. Phys Ed teacher Matt Holmes has more to offer the ladies than a perfect smile. He’s a killer and he’s got his sights set on Emily.

Who at Fairington will conquer their fears? And who will fall to a psychopath’s hellbent rage?

Where Nightmares Begin, Synopsis

Print Length: 219 pages; 
A collection of the three novellas Boom Town, Abram's Bridge, Things We Fear

Publisher: Samhain Horror

Publication Date: March 8, 2016
Available Print and Digital

Monsters can hide anywhere. Under a bridge, below the earth…or behind a smile.

Abram’s Bridge

When Lil Ron realizes the beautiful girl he met under Abram’s Bridge is a ghost, he sets out to make things right for Sweet Kate. His quest leads him into a tangle of small-town secrets as he uncovers a story of heartbreak, violence…and fear.

Boom Town

Thirty years after a notorious UFO encounter, the town of Eckert, Wisconsin, is besieged by mysterious rumbles from deep in the earth. As the earthly tremors grow stronger, two pre-teens discover a dislodged pipe spewing a strange, bubbling ooze. Their curiosity unleashes an afternoon of unbridled terror for the entire town.

Things We Fear

Emily Young can’t deny her attraction to Aaron Jackson, the Ed Tech from her FairingtonElementary classroom, but fears she’ll be hurt again. Aaron is determined to overcome his drowning phobia and enjoy the sun and the sand of Maine’s best beach town.

But real fear lurks closer than they think. Fairington harbors a psychopath seething with hell-bentrage—and he’s got his sights set on Emily.

Biography of Glenn Rolfe

"Glenn Rolfe is an author, singer, songwriter and all around fun loving guy from the haunted woods of New England. He has studied Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University, and continues his education in the world of horror by devouring the novels of Stephen King and Richard Laymon.

He and his wife, Meghan, have three children, Ruby, Ramona, and Axl. He is grateful to be loved despite his weirdness.

He is the author the novellas, Abram’s BridgeBoom Town, and his latest, Things We Fear(March, 2016), the short fiction collection, Slush, and the novels The Haunted Halls and Blood and Rain (October 2015). His first novella collection, Where Nightmares Begin, will also be released in March 2016. His next book, Chasing Ghosts, will be coming by 2017.

He is hard at work on many more. Stay tuned!

Praise for Things We Fear

"Things We Fear is a compulsively readable tale of obsession and dark suspense, with one of the creepiest villains I've encountered in recent years." -- Tim Waggoner, author of The Way of All Flesh

"Glenn Rolfe's new thriller is addictive. A quick, compelling read. Rolfe creates tension with a minimal amount of words. His characters are so well-drawn they come alive (before they die)." -- Duncan Ralston, author of Salvage

"Fast paced and tense, with one of the most interesting monsters I've read about in recent times." -- Patrick Lacey, author of A Debt to Be Paid

"Glenn Rolfe is quickly establishing a name for himself as one of a number of excellent new writers to ensure the horror genre is kept alive and well. His previous books – Abram’s Bridge,Boom Town and Blood and Rain – have also served to show the extensive breadth of his imagination and Things We Fear carries on that trend. Quite simply, each story is fresh, new, exciting, and unpredictable." -- Catherine Cavendish, author of Dark Avenging Angel

"In this frighteningly real look at true horror, Rolfe manages to up the ante of tension while balancing genuinely heartbreaking moments, while showcasing his talent for creating unforgettable characters placed in equally unforgettable moments." -- David, Beneath TheUnderground

"There is a definite old school feel about this novella. It isn’t an over the top gore fest. Instead, what we have is a tense, psychological thriller that builds steadily towards a fitting climax." -Adrian Shotbolt, at Ginger Nuts of Horror

Praise for Abram's Bridge (a novella within Where Nightmares Begin)

"This is a stellar debut from Glenn Rolfe, a tale that will give you chills as much as it will make you question the hardness in men's hearts and the spirit of redemption." -Hunter Shea, Author ofThe Montauk Monster and Island of the Forbidden

"If you're looking for a page-turning who-done-it with a touch of the supernatural and a solid all around story that satisfies, then look no further." -David Bernstein, author of Goblins andUnhinged

Praise for Boom Town (a novella within Where Nightmares Begin)

"Short and sharp, Glenn Rolfe’s BOOM TOWN packs in in for a novella. An excellent blend of horror and sci-fi, with way more character development than you usually see in a shorter work like this." -Russell James, Author of Q Island

"Boom Town is a fun, fast-paced read packed with action, copious amounts of alien slime and an aura of creepiness that is sure to appeal to both horror and science fiction fans." -Rich, TheHorror Bookshelf

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Monday, February 15, 2016

MY SWEET VIDALIA by Deborah Mantella

Review: MY SWEET VIDALIA by Deborah Mantell
A poetic, lyrical, literary novel of the South prior to the Civil Rights Era, MY SWEET VIDALIA will surely be richly embraced by readers of Alice Walker and Toni Morrison, as well as aficionados of oral history. Amazingly, the novel is first-person narrative, told by the stillborn daughter of Vidalia. As the newborn never breathed, she retained omniscience. She relates the story of a girl with a mind [reminiscent of the slogan "A mind is  a terrible thing to waste"] who was tricked, impregnated, married to a player/domestic abuser who was, as is said in the South, "as sorry as the day is long."

5 stars

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review_THE ROGUE HORSE RECOVERY by Chris Poindexter

Review: THE ROGUE HORSE RECOVERY by Chris Poindexter

This thriller reminds me of a "men's adventure" story from the 1950's,  revitalized for the 21st century. The action is about as non-stop as it gets, both on and off land, and very high-tech, almost science fictional. If you like private covert corporation vs. Federal government vs. Cartel vs. Corrupt law enforcement, with plenty of violence up close and personal and a frequent scattering of sensual encounters, this is your novel. Oh yes, save the underdog is important too. For a novel with danger, violence, and recreational downtime, there's also a great deal of humor, and psychological insights bordering on  the paranormal.

Caution: Readers offended by casual recreational drug use, casual recreational sensuality,  violence, obscenity, and profanity, may find THE ROGUE HORSE RECOVERY too spicy. 18+