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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DEVOURED (COLD GROVE TRILOGY #1) by S. J. Everett_Review

Devoured (Cold Grove, #1)Devoured by S.R. Everett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This review copy was provided to me on August 13, 2012, by Lovers of Paranormal Goodreads Group, from the author, in exchange for my provision of a fair, honest, authentic review.

Review of Devoured by S R Everett
4 Stars
Reviewed for Lovers of Paranormal GR Group

An engrossing reader’s hook drags in the reader immediately. I turned the pages quite quickly and paid no attention whatsoever to the “outside world” till I finished this book. The author deftly juggles a number of plot lines, quite a few characters, AND a changing time era, managing both the contemporary plot lines and the historical background era, which is itself essential to the current thread of events. Here we have outstandingly paranormal and Supernatural elements, as well as crime, mystery, thriller, police procedural sub-genres, all of which expand the story and add to the reader’s continuing intrigue.

There are so many plot lines here, it is difficult to choose which to mention. The community of Cold Grove, situated near a swamp, is a character all on its own, and the author brings the town vividly to life (both in its historical facets and in its contemporary styling). Cold Grove has never been “much of a town”; it’s the kind of locale people prefer to move away from and not move into. Back in the early days, the marsh was home to generational witches, all female, who were ostracized publicly but sought out under cover of darkness for herbal cures and more-even poisons. When a greedy, arrogant, wealthy, town resident decides to pervert religion and rid himself of unwanted family members, he chooses the current herbal woman/witch, Bella, as his scapegoat. That’s a mistake for which he, and his subsequent descendants, are going to pay in the coin of blood.

Rated 18+ for multiple instances of graphic violence; occasional profanity and sensuality. Not suited for YA readers under age 18.

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