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Saturday, August 18, 2012


The Girl (The Southern Hauntings Saga)The Girl by Bryan Hall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The publisher, Angelic Knight Publishing, provided me with a copy in exchange for my fair, honest, and impartial review of this book.

Review of The Girl (The Southern Hauntings Saga #2) by Bryan Hall

Author Bryan Hall distinguishes himself in this series for making a ghost story much more than just a temporary scare. Mr. Hall’s ghosts are terrifying, yes (especially this one!) but more than that, they are individuals with issues, hidden agendas, and purposes. Itinerant ghost-handler (he’s not a psychic, he’s not a medium, he just helps folks who have hauntings-he’ll tell you) Creighton Northgate (Crate) stops off in a mountain hollow near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, called on by the father of two daughters. Tom lost his younger daughter in the summer, and she hasn’t been found. Her mother claims she’s a runaway, her older sister Angie won’t talk about her, but Tom has “seen” her at the edge of the woods, repeatedly. Crate sees her too, and now that Crate’s at her home, young Amy becomes much more intent-and Crate’s determined to find out the truth, despite angry mountain dwellers and the shifting allegiances and uncertainties in Amy’s household.

Even if a reader doesn’t find ghost stories appealing, Bryan Hall’s Southern Hauntings Saga is a must-read series!

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