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Saturday, August 4, 2012

ONCE UPON A CASTLE by Alan S. Dean_Review

Once Upon a CastleOnce Upon a Castle by Alan S. Blood

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Review held until Release Date, August 1, 2012

A stirring tale for young readers (and us oldsters) of the beginning of World War II in England, “Once Upon A Castle” serves up nostalgia-and predicted fear-for today’s readers, whether we lived through the events of this War or just have studied our history.

Young twins, Tom and Mary, are returned home from their respective rural boarding schools to London, where they discover their father, a Navy captain, has already shipped out; and their mother, a qualified nurse, is returning to work to aid in the War effort. The two children must go to an aunt and uncle in Northumbria, a locale which in their poi "nt of view is both far distant and fabled (after their neighbor “Uncle Toby” regales them with stories of Northumbrian lore and traditions).

Life in Northumberland is exciting and intriguing, until the twins learn they have to be schooled by a private tutor. But the rebellious little souls run away to explore Bamburgh Castle, and in the process experience a German destroyer, a Viking longship, and an ancient Castle long since collapsed.

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