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Sunday, August 5, 2012

TUNNEL/THE LOST DIARY by Steven Nedelton_Review

TUNNEL / The Lost DiaryTUNNEL / The Lost Diary by Steven Nedelton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Tunnel/The Lost Diary” is a complicated novel with a generous number of plot threads and what seems like a huge cast of characters. Basically, the premise involves the closing days of World War II and the Russian Army in the time of Stalin. A superior Russian officer orders two suitcases of gold to be well-concealed in an abandoned mining tunnel in Latvia, which at that time suffered under Russian occupation. The subordinate officer who transports the suitcases knows they contain gold, and later returns to the mine tunnel to retrieve them, where he is spotted by a fourteen-year-old boy, Bendis. As Bendis’ father is a veterinarian, the officer, Andris, turns to him for help, setting a scheme in motion that carries on to 1962, with murder, theft, and the involvement of two governments, Soviet and U.S.

The suitcases are valued for more than just the supposed millions in gold, and it is the extra component that propels the plot and causes murders, threats of scandal, and other violence. The ending leaves the reader with the question whether this is intended to be a cliffhanger, with a sequel to follow, or just an open conclusion.

Acquired from author July 23 in return for a fair and honest review, via The Nexus Gr0up

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