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Monday, August 13, 2012

PARTIALS by Dan Wells (PARTIALS #1)_Review

Partials (Partials, #1)Partials by Dan Wells

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Partials by Dan Wells

I read this 468 page novel in one afternoon/evening, because I was not going to sleep until I finished it! Usually I can only manage that speed with a Cassandra Clare novel. “Partials” is a totally fantastic, engrossing, Dystopian, futuristic, realistic, novel. Set in 2076, eleven years after the war in which the genetically-engineered “perfect soldiers” termed Partials nearly eradicated humanity (leaving approximately 40,000 in the U.S., all hiding out on Long Island, N.Y.) society is well-tyrannical and fascistic. Living in constant fear of another Partial attack from the mainland former U.S., and under consistent attack by a rebel group which terms itself “the Voice,” survivors move on as best they can, with a past, a present, and no future. The RM virus, which has always been attributed to the Partials, destroyed almost all of humanity except for the 40,000 or so who demonstrated immunity-yet the survivors are carriers, no infant has survived in eleven years, pregnancy is mandatory, and eleven years of research have not saved any infant.

This novel is so riveting that I am thankful there will be sequels. In fact, a “prequel” will be published August 28, explaining the Isolation War, for which the Partials had initially been engineered, and a sequel will be published in February. (Too long away, in my opinion!) Author Dan Wells has a special touch; it can’t be easy for an author to pen a dystopian novel, especially one in which the survivors literally have no future, no hope of progeny, and keep the reader from falling into deep despair (which happens, for me, with many entries in the dystopian genre.)

This review is based on a Library edition.

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