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Saturday, August 18, 2012


The Vagrant (Southern Hauntings Saga)The Vagrant by Bryan Hall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of The Vagrant (The Southern Hauntings Saga #1) by Bryan Hall
Published by Angelic Knight Publishing

“The Vagrant” is a winner undoubtedly, a thought-provoking novelette that introduces author Bryan Hall’s “The Southern Hauntings Saga” with a rip-roaring initial entry. This story carries a depth of philosophical content not always available in a ghost story-and of course, is both more and less as well as beyond, a simple story of haunting. Questions such as: what constitutes victimization? When is a person making her or his own choice, or being victimized? Who carries the instrument of vengeance, the living or the dead? What is the proper moral response to the victimization of a loved one?

Creighton Northgate grew up in the Appalachian Mountain region of North Carolina, son of strict fundamentalists whose narrow-minded viewpoint results in Crate’s expulsion from the family after older brother Martin disappears and presumed dead. The problem is that Crate sees Martin-every night-but that’s not acceptable in a rigidly religious household like the senior Northgates. So young Crate takes to the road, living an itinerant life in which he disclaims psychic abilities and instead “helps” those who are subject to hauntings. On his way to a new client, Crate stops at a gas station and finds two men, one a homeless unhappy drifter, one a ghost. Crate’s empathy gets the best of him, and then the “fun” begins-for this ghost is much more than he seems, and Ed the drifter is hiding major secrets.

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