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Monday, August 13, 2012


The Hermitage House MiracleThe Hermitage House Miracle by Malcolm Ater

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Review of The Hermitage House Miracle by Malcolm Ater

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“The Hermitage House Miracle” is an appealing mystery, aimed at middle-grade readers, but enticing to adults as well. A young boy, twelve years old, loses the woman he knows as “mother” in a one-vehicle driving-intoxicated accident, shortly after she flings accusations at him while simultaneously promising she loves him. Jamie cannot understand why she claims to have spent “six years” of his life dealing with him, when he knows he is twelve. Since there seems to be no other next of kin, and no records earlier than Jamie’s first day of first grade, social workers bring him to the Hermitage House for Children, once a bustling, thriving, orphanage, now nearly condemned and soon to close if a miracle of funding and renovation doesn’t take place.

A heartwarming and touching novel, “The Hermitage House Miracle” explores issues that in other hands could inspire despair, fear, and resignation. Here, though, a thread of hope runs consistently, inspired by empathetic characters, most of whom spend their lives trying diligently to do what is right as they perceive it. Readers will be immediately caught up with Jamie, who has had such an incredible life, yet who is a good and decent individual despite all.

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