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Friday, August 24, 2012

PIERCING THE FOLD BY Venessa Kimball_Review

Piercing the FoldPiercing the Fold by Venessa Kimball

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review of Piercing the Fold
Reviewed for Making Connections Goodreads Group

“Piercing the Fold” is a rather complex YA novel, which tosses a young Georgia university student into literally, worlds beyond her very imagination. Jesca Gershon Sera has long known of her adoption, but she has enjoyed a happy and fulfilling life with her adoptive parents and one younger sister, the family’s own child. Now a student, she is engaged in study of astrophysics, quantum physics, and cosmology, to which she is drawn-and with good reason.

Jesca is the natural daughter-and the adoptive daughter-of guardians of another planet, one found in the Andromeda system. One might wonder why such guardians are necessary; and the answer is that the son of the quantum physicist, Sebastian, who originally discovered the method to construct a wormhole (or, to fold space via negative mass) has himself stolen the father’s data and followed those instructions, finding a “new” planet of his own, in the same system. Yet Balthazar’s natives are more evil than those of his father’s discovered planet, and much more interested in colonizing Earth, for whatever nefarious reason. So Guardians have been assigned to protect Earth, and of course, the adversaries have their entities on Earth as well.

As Jesca reaches a certain age, her abilities begin to manifest, and so do those around her who are Guardians acknowledge themselves to her, while the opposing entities step up their campaign to render her useless, or worse. Almost immediately, she finds her life upended, as she is shipped out for training in a subterranean Nevada desert compound.

“Piercing the Fold” is quite an engrossing story. Readers should be aware, though, that due to the nature of the plotlines (quantum physics, wormholes, event horizons, different planets), there are some complex propositions and explanations put forth in the context of the novel, as explication of the backstory and of the characters such as Sebastian and Balthazar (and Jesca’s biological parent, Anna Gershon) who have inspired the chain of events that lead to his point in time, and to Jesca’s changed life and her discovery of her purpose.

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