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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

WALKOUT by Jason McIntyre_Review

WalkoutWalkout by Jason McIntyre
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Walkout by Jason McIntyre
5 Stars

The author does a lovely job here of writing from the mind and spirit of a female character. Not an easy task, and not all authors can “change gender” like this (it’s not an easy job in Real Life to put oneself in the mind of someone of the other gender, either), but it’s very well done here. I loved the intricate details and imagery which so put each scene into place, and vividly so.

I truly did not at all expect the way this story played out; the author telegraphs no clues, and even after decades of reading mysteries and suspense and horror and priding myself that I can recognize what’s coming: well, I didn’t and couldn’t have done.

Review of “Through the Transom Light” ( a short story included in “Walkout”)

This is one of the most terrifying stories I ‘ve ever read, and over the decades, I’ve probably read umpteen thousands. I still am experiencing little spider feet dancing along my arms and spine. If you love horror, do read it; but if you’ve a child under the age of one, I recommend you postpone reading it until her or his next birthday.

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