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Thursday, November 15, 2012

EXTREME LIQUIDATION (Caitlin Diggs, #2) by Gary Starta_Review

Extreme Liquidation (Caitlin Diggs, #2)Extreme Liquidation by Gary Starta
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Extreme Liquidation by Gary Starta
A Caitlin Diggs Novel
5 Stars

Reviewed at author’s request, of an e-book copy received from the author.

I found amazing the number of multiple plot themes the author is able to weave succinctly and skillfully into this mystery, and I also found the novel engrossing and compelling. I did not want to put it down before finishing (though a power outage ensured that I had to interrupt my reading). Author Gary Starta is prolific, but he is also sufficiently talented to carry off a novel that might have some writers quaking to try.

Caitlin Diggs has been an FBI agent for fifteen years, and she is a talented agent, highly proficient at her ugly job, catching serial killers. But the loss of the man she loved very much, a fellow agent, in a sting which should have been simple rather than deadly, has cost her terrible emotional turmoil. Additionally, her recent latent psychic abilities are latent no longer, and her visions are timely, vivid, and occasionally, on the deadly side. Matched against a shadowy opponent hubristic enough to take on even the Director of Homeland Security and win, Caitlin will be solving for her life, not just to close this case.

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