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Saturday, November 17, 2012

ROSI'S TIME (ROSI'S DOORS BOOK TWO) by Edward Eaton_Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Review of Rosi’s Time (Book Two)

A direct continuation of the first book in this series, “Rosi’s Castle,” this novel finds Rosi heart deep in the Revolutionary War, and before its end, the reader will have learn an engrossing and amazing amount of detail about freedom, slavery, taxation, that War, and the culture and society of that era. Rosi becomes a “captain,” leading a batch of rag-tag farmers and smiths and other craftsman, fighting against British Colonial rule, and in the process, discovers a village-that really doesn’t seem to exist, that is unseen until-one sees it. Once again, Rosi is acting, or so she hopes, in her capacity as a Guardian of Time tears, yet this may be a tear even Rosi can’t repair-if she can even survive the Revolutionary battles.

Although “Rosi’s Time” can be read as a stand-alone novel, why not pick up the first in the series as well, “Rosi’s Castle.” I read them back to back and had a wonderful time doing so.

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