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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

STREAM LINER OF THE LOST SOULS by Paul Leslie Griffiths_Review

Stream Liner of the Lost SoulsStream Liner of the Lost Souls by Paul Leslie Griffiths
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Stream Liner of the Lost Souls
by Paul Leslie Griffiths
5 Stars

Wow! What an adventuresome, exciting, non-stop-paced, horror-laden, hopeful, wonderful book! I literally raced through in one sitting and could not put it down till I reached the end-and found myself wanting the story to go on and on.

In a dingy, run-down town in England, where the depressed economy has put paid to the profiteers who once tried to make a go of industry, sometimes it's all a person can do to just get by. Shannon is one such individual, working two low-paying jobs to keep a flat and to try to keep her elder brother-her only remaining family-on the straight and narrow. The problem is that Ben isn't even on the straight-he's in a gang, and rather narrowly escapes the inexplicable massacre that kills most of the members. His buddy Dave is new to the gang; and Dave has a lot of secrets, some of which could prove deadly. But neither of them, and quite possibly no one human, can stand up to and conquer the fatal threat known as the “Stream Liner of the Lost Souls,” an unearthly creature of illusion and claws, unleashed in Japan, now haunting Littleton.

This reviewer is so glad this is just the first of a series. A multilayered and complex novel which will keep your attention, and then refuse to leave your mind, “Stream Liner of the Lost Souls” is unforgettable.

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