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Saturday, November 24, 2012

A BONE IN THE THROAT by Steven Ramirez_Review

A Bone in the ThroatA Bone in the Throat by Steven Ramirez
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of A Bone in the Throat by Steven Ramirez
5 stars
A short story

It may not stick in your craw, but it will definitely linger in the mind. For all you readers who have been victimized, whether the con was large or minor; for all you who have empathy for the defenceless, for those who trust and are betrayed; for the elderly and disabled; here comes poetic justice and is it sweet-and gory.

Take a man who has never earned an honest living in his life-a man for whom scamming is the way to go, and fairly successfully-a man with offshore banking accounts, stealing from the elderly who end up homeless due to him. Does such a man deserve punishment? Incarceration? How about a little old-time “eye for an eye” type of retribution?

Don’t read this while you’re eating; but do read it! Next time you think about telling a little white lie, or cheating someone-think again. It could be you.

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