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Saturday, November 10, 2012


CAGED IN MYTH (Book One : Bayou Zoo Series)CAGED IN MYTH by J.T. Fairfield
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Caged in Myth by J. T. Fairfield
Book One: Bayou Zoo Series

I am so happy this is a series! I loved this book, found it very special. Smoothly and excellently written, with wonderful deft characterisations, and a couple at least of budding romances. Sensual yet  not overdrawn, vivid, with exciting and unexpected, very original, paranormal elements blending contemporary society into myth and legend (and vice versa).

It’s not easy being an orphan in any culture; being a Supernatural orphan in a human culture that is blind to the paranormal is difficult. For a seventeen-year-old just discovering his orientation, and faced with the need to either confront himself, or to continue to hide his feelings from his best friends, life is way harder. Especially when someone is causing dangerous Supernatural creatures to escape from Area Five of the Bayou Zoo, creatures whose existence among humans would cause catastrophe.

I doubt any reader can walk away from “Caged in Myth” without crying out, “Where’s the next one? How soon can I read it?” Certainly I didn’t, and I give this one 12 stars out of 5. Bring on the next one-please.

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