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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DAY OF THE PESKY SHADOW by Vickie Johnstone_Review

Day of the Pesky Shadow (A Smarts & Dewdrop Mystery, #2)Day of the Pesky Shadow by Vickie Johnstone
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Review of Day of the Pesky Shadow
A Smarts & Dewdrop Mystery
By Vickie Johnstone

A delightfully humoured filled tale, set in Crazy Name Town, the locale of the author’s previous “Day of the Living Pizza,” this story follows a human shadow, which happens to be a person, not a shadow attached to a person. In other words, he is just—shadow. Officer Dewdrop finds the Shadow, Mr. Shady, a friendly and likable fellow, but notes that a regular person can’t sit, share a cup of tea, or eat dinner with – a shadow. Detective Smarts wishes it would all go away-until he discovers that there’s not just one, but more, shadows in Crazy Name Town, and one of them is determined on being-pesky-and troublesome.
Don’t worry, Smarts & Dewdrop will persevere until they get to the bottom of the situation-and please readers with a happy ending (if those readers can stop laughing long enough, that is).

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