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Friday, November 30, 2012

KINDRED KILLERS by Gary Starta_Review

Kindred Killers (A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery Book 1)Kindred Killers by Gary Starta
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Kindred Killers by Gary Starta
A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery
5 stars

Readers who have read any of author Gary Starta’s series about FBI Special Agent Caitlin Diggs, who underwent a mysterious experience, gaining psychic powers, will be familiar with her good friend and occasional colleague, Stanford Carter of the Bureau of Investigative Services in Boston. Here he is in a series of his own, and does he have a lot on his plate to deal with, both professional and personal. On the investigative side, Carter must track down the killer, or killers, of, consecutively, a real estate agent who took his marital vows lightly; a runaway who danced as an exotic stripper at a low-rate Boston club; and the son, and presumptive heir, of a Massachusetts crime family-not the biggest, but one of the runners-up. Was it one killer, or is there no connection? Carter suspects an answer, but he needs factual evidence. Meanwhile, his engagement to his beloved colleague, forensic technician Jill Seacrest, has been outed; and Carter and Seacrest are informed that, according to Bureau policy, they must either not marry, or one or both must transfer out.

As in any book by this author, what meets the eye is never all there is to know; and by the time we reach the end, secrets upon untold secrets will have been rooted out and exposed, and the reader will have gained an education into certain aspects of forensics, detection, and psychology.

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