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Sunday, April 29, 2012

THE CYPRESS HOUSE by Michael Koryta_Review

The Cypress HouseThe Cypress House by Michael Koryta

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another 12 star read!

Another unsurpassable novel feat from Michael Koryta, whom-like Kealan Patrick Burke and Michael Marshall Smith-cannot seem to write anything less than the best. This one frightened me quite a bit, because of the unrelenting juggernaut implacability of the evil. (view spoiler)[

I truly was not sure if there would ever be a happy, or even a partially, happy ending. (hide spoiler)]

The novel is suffused with violence, some of it quite graphic, other times distantly graphic (as readers we know it’s there, we see either the prequel or the aftermath) but we don’t view the process. Yet the violence here is such an intrinsic part of the evil, that it’s not gratuitous, nor unexpected, and certainly not unlikely. It just is-like water moccasins, alligators, and dinosaurs.

Not just the plot but the characterisations are stunners. I am constantly amazed at how author Michael Koryta can delve so deeply into his characters, and at how his characters can manage to be so deep! And those foundations of Supernatural-oh, how powerful that makes these novels (I refer here also to “So Cold the River” and “The Ridge”).

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