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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Missing by Chris Mooney_Review

The Missing (Darby McCormick #1)The Missing by Chris Mooney

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another book I couldn’t put down-I wish I had had the time to read this at one sitting. I kept turning the pages so fast I’m surprised the book didn’t ignite. Chris Mooney is a wonderful author who juggles some mighty complex plots and a large number of characters, some on the good side, some on the almost purely evil, some straddling the moral fence, and keeps it all straight, revealing only piece by piece and never telegraphing.

Darcy McCormick spends her adult years as a forensic investigator, an interesting choice of profession because as an adolescent she observed a murder, escaped, and later was nearly abducted and killed, while at the same time one of her close friends was murdered in Darcy’s house, another abducted and never found. Darcy was, quite literally, the one who got away, but that might not continue to be true as the killer once again has her in his sights-a killer who has never stopped his deeds, and is far more clever than law enforcement can possibly suspect.

This is the kind of mystery to read, ponder, and study, for those who want to learn to write good mysteries.

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