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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cold Turkey-A Sonja Blue Novella by Nancy A. Collins_Review

Cold Turkey-A Sonja Blue NovellaCold Turkey-A Sonja Blue Novella by Nancy A. Collins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Maybe it's considered bad form to laugh during vampire novels, but I can't help it: Author Nancy A. Collins' sense of humour is tremendously gratifying. I had to keep tight hold on my laptop because I nearly dropped it more than once laughing uproariously. Each time I'd find myself pausing to reread the sentence because it was just so good. I'll give one example here that nearly put me on the floor amidst my chuckles:

"Dead boys of his wattage didn't come up with witty remarks spontaneously. When you have to spend a lot of conscious energy remembering to breathe and blink, there's no such thing as top-of-your-head snappy patter."

Right there in one sentence we've got illustrious humour, characterization, backstory, and clues to the upcoming plot. Not to mention Ms. Collins can WRITE.

Maybe experiencing empathy for the Undead isn't de rigeur, either; but I can't help myself, once again. I feel for Sonja Blue-sure she's a vampire, certainly she's a predator-but hey, it isn't like that was her dream career! It just happened! And now she takes out other predators, as easily as snapping a twig. Sonja still has emotions, too-and meeting an actual likable human is just too much to handle-tough maneuvering for a snappy undead dame like Sonja Blue...

I'm often a latecomer and this series was no exception. Despite the fact that Sonja has been toiling in the fields of the paranormal for quite some time-I just now caught up to her and got in on her act. Well, more the better for me-look at all the earlier adventures I now get to go read.

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