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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Broken (A Paranormal Romance) by David H. Burton_Review

Broken: A Paranormal RomanceBroken: A Paranormal Romance by David H. Burton

Whoa! Awesome reader’s hook! I knew from the blurb I was going to like this book, and the opening lines just cemented that intent. That reader’s hook is just the beginning, though, and very shortly the initial intrigue is followed by some even more intense shockers. Soon, the mysteries deepen and pile atop each other, and just as one clue is extended, more tentacles of concealment shift in the shadows. I liked the author’s approach in this, of entangling several different skeins of possibility and probability, both as reasons for Katherine’s background, and as issues with which she absolutely MUST deal for the future-if she is to have a future at all, that is!

Fast-paced and intriguing, intricately plotted, with good characterisations-and a subtle, delicate hand at interweaving the paranormal, supernatural, and just plain mystifying, “Broken” is a joy to read and most readers will probably want to race through it in one sitting-or if not, will spend the intervening time away pondering its intrigues!

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