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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review of The Dark Horde by Brewin

The Dark HordeThe Dark Horde by Brewin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another 12 Star of 5 Novel!

Well, I’ve seen “reader’s hooks,” that nebulous ability and task of an author to solidly grab readers and pull them into the tale, come and go-but seldom have I seen a reader’s hook as powerful as this one! I can’t imagine any reader “closing” the book after the first page and walking away-not even if the room was afire. This is not to mention the first chapter, which had my hair standing on edge and me jumping to tiptoe on the bed just in case the story was real-so the creature wouldn’t catch me too. Now THAT is one powerful mode of storytelling. I shall now be on the lookout for any fiction by “Brewin” and ready and eager to be devoured-hmm, I mean to devour the story.

What an eye and ear for setting and description! What a great use of characterization! But even more importantly, this author rocks with his approach to horror and suspense. I am totally thankful I read this one IN THE DAYTIME!

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