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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mirrored by Frederick C. Arceneau_Review

Reviewed for Great Minds Think Aloud

MirroredMirrored by Frederick J. Arceneaux

Strongly rooted in the Supernatural of many flavours, this romantic suspense interweaves early-onset demonic possession, voodoo, and spectacularly spooky hauntings with familial curses and the wheel of fortune returning evil for evil performed. Christine Albright leads a normal, and content, life as an in-demand international interior designer, whose reputation and contacts come by word of mouth from satisfied clients. But as an adolescent, she spent seven days in the grip of a demonic possession, overcome only by the power of prayer and the exorcism rites of the Catholic Church. Christine has put that behind her, so she thinks.

Encountering a sixteen-year-old whose life basically stalled at the age of eight when her parents died in a home explosion, Celestine, awakens Christine’s unwanted memories of the demon from her adolescence, and visiting an antique shop in New Orleans’ French Quarters only opens a door wider into evil, aimed at both Celestine and Christine, and extending to those near them, including Christine’s unexpected new love interest, Jonathan, a man who suffered a great loss some years ago and who subsequently has little belief in any Higher Power.

“Mirrored” will appeal to readers who enjoy their romantic suspense mixed with some of the darker overtones of Gothic romance as was popular in the mid-20th century, and with Supernatural manifestations, hauntings, and the incursion of evil. The romantic element is done well and tastefully, and evokes the emotions of the characters as well.

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