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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Monkey Love by John Paul Allen_Review

Monkey LoveMonkey Love by John Paul Allen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As I look back on this novella, it almost has a flavor of the late 19th century in Britain-perhaps Somerset Maugham, or the Royal Society, or the National Geographic Society (the original, back when Africa was considered “the darkest continent” and subject to exploration and classism). The strongest point I come away with from my reading is that humans are amazing-amazingly trusting, amazingly gullible, amazingly selfish. I refuse to say much more in order not to spoil anything for future readers; but I will say that seldom in Anthropology has a field of study proceeded like this. The first third of the book did not excite me, although it was necessary to lay the groundwork of the relationship between the married couple, Richard and Sandra, and to explore their devoted intimacy. Once I reached the beginning of the anthropological expedition to Uganda, the pace picked up-but I must say there were points when I wanted to cover my eyes with my hand and say, “no, please don’t” to some of the characters.

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