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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

FINAL CROSSING by Carter Wilson_Advance Review

A NetGalley Review

Final Crossing: A Novel of SuspenseFinal Crossing: A Novel of Suspense by Carter Wilson

I loved this book! “Final Crossing” has everything a reader of thrillers could ask: a skewed, psychologically bizarre serial killer who sees clues that no one else ever could; violent death; mysteries unbound; the horrors of war, still present even though far in the past; a Capitol Hill Chief of Staff who still has the skills of his special forces training; and the perverted childhood tortures that combined to make that serial killer the juggernaut he is today. A fascinating mystery/thriller/psychological study, “Final Crossing” is a compelling novel not to be missed except by the very faintest of hearts.

A serial killer with one purpose-molded by a perversion of religion tortured into him at the hands of an earlier madman, a creature he encountered only by accident one fated afternoon; a former Army Ranger who now lives for the political machinations of America’s capital; a psychic criminologist on contract to the Federal Bureau of Investigation: a fated trio, each with one foot in a world other than our own consensus reality.

Readers will literally find themselves perched on the edges of their chairs, astonished, driven, heart-wrenched, and horrified, turning the pages so fast they might almost ignite. The term “thriller” might have been conceived to describe “Final Crossing.” Please don’t miss out.

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