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Monday, April 2, 2012

Advance Review of Sword of Time by A.-M. Sawyer

First of all, let me specify that Fantasy is not my forte-neither for reading, nor for writing. I do occasionally read Fantasy, but given a choice of several genres, it’s not my top priority. That said: I LOVED THIS BOOK. A. M. Sawyer’s writing is MAGICAL (and I mean that in the most metaphorical sense, not just because Magic is one of his topics)-lyrical, literate, poetic, imaginative. The Prologue captured me; no need to wait till Chapter One to look for a reader’s hook. This author is very special and very much worth the reading. I only wish he could write and publish-just a “little bit” faster.

Now before I have you convinced that this novel is solely Fantasy genre, think again. This is down-home, present-day, real-time, contemporary life too! Science, research, oceanography, special operations, submerged mutations, underwater artifacts! What is NOT to love?! This author simply improves over time, but unlike aging a wine, his improvement is almost daily! This is a really special, absorbing, enrapturing, terrific novel. DO NOT MISS-and while you’re shopping, pick up all the other stories from exceptional author A. M. Sawyer.
PS: I am NOT giving away the plot to this novel; just trust me when I say you’ll be sorry if you miss it!

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