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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FATAL INCISION by W. R. Park_Review

Fatal IncisionFatal Incision by WR. PARK

“Fatal Incision” is a compelling new version of the 19th century’s “Case of the Century,” the case which baffled then-Scotland Yard and has riveted historians and true crime aficionados since 1888: Whitechapel’s self-styled “Jack the Ripper.” In this novel, Jack is indeed a surgeon, as suspected, and a very capable and talented one. He also has an obsession: a dark-haired, scarred, woman named Joan. Hunting her through taverns both upscale and dives, he seems to kill periodically whenever his quest is again thwarted. Close to being discovered, this surgeon takes ship for the New World, becoming a trusted surgeon in New York City. Publicity surrounding his saving of the Mayor’s life sends him on the run again, only this time literally underground.

“Fatal Incision” is a fascinating page-turner, a thriller rife with mystery, unexpected revelations, and yes, romance. Characterizations are excellent, and the reader comes to know the protagonists and prime secondary characters as if they were family or friends. For all who love the Ripper mythos, this book will be a welcome companion.

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