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Sunday, May 20, 2012

MIDNIGHT CALLER by Leslie Tentler_Review


Midnight Caller (Chasing Evil Trilogy, #1)Midnight Caller by Leslie Tentler

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review: “Midnight Caller” cries out to be read in one sitting, without sleep, for the reader will be captivated and turning pages as quickly as possible. Rife with action, emotion, romance, stalking, control freaks, art, psychology, childhood abuse survivors, murders old and new, vampirism play and Goth settings; the French Quarters and environs of New Orleans, this romantic suspense has something for practically every reader to devour.

FBI Special Ageny Trevor Rivette, in the Violent Crimes Unit, has been tracking one particular elusive and apparently nearly invisible serial killer through several states. Not only is the modus operandi identical, but the killer taunts Rivette with notes signed “D.” Now he has killed in New Orleans, Trevor’s home town and one to which he never wished to return, due to the horrific childhood suffered by himself, his sister Annabelle, and his brother Brian. He’s scarcely arrived to investigate the fresh murder when he happens to overhead a caller on a late-night psychology talk program on New Orleans radio, “Midnight Confessions,” hosted by one Rain Sommers, Ph.D. in psychology-and orphaned daughter of the infamous torch singer Desiree Sommers, murdered by her husband when Rain was only two. The caller labels himself as “Dante,” and by his taunts to Rain, and his discussion of “bloodplay,” Trevor believes this man may well be the serial killer he seeks.

Meanwhile, Rain’s producer, a control freak and narcissistic philanderer, perceives giant ratings from “Dante,” and urges Rain to take his calls every night, if it so occurs. He doesn’t care that Rain is freaking out; and he certainly doesn’t want to hear that she plans to cancel the program when her contract expires in three months. No, David plans nationwide syndication, with himself at the helm, and claims he will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure just that. Nor does he care that “Dante” has a stern and murderous eye trained on Rain.

Readers, run out and grab this multi-layered, totally suspenseful, and exciting mystery, and revel in the reading.

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