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Saturday, May 12, 2012

SKELETON CREW by Cameron Haley_Review

A Hearts on Fire Review

Skeleton Crew (Underworld Cycle, #2)Skeleton Crew by Cameron Haley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review: “Skeleton Crew” is a rip-roaring, uproarious, non-stop monster/zombie/underworld/between-world/magic story that never ever takes a break, barely stops to breathe. Sequel to the popular “Mob Rules,” “Skeleton Crew” is set in a magical Los Angeles where all that glitters may actually be faery glamour, where witches can be sorcerers (as is our protagonist), not just Wiccan-and where nobody is really surprised if dead gangstas reanimate. Well, not too surprised, and not too happy either. Domino is a “mobbed-up” witch who literally takes no prisoners as war as war chief of an important L.A. area gangster. It’s trite now to speak of a “Kick-***” heroine, but Domino gives a new meaning to the term: on the mortal plane, in the Underworld/underworld (dead and mob), and in the “Between.” Even ghostly ghost-hunters know her name and reputation.

Readers who like their urban fantasy gritty, graphic, violent, and paranormal will flock to this one. Caution: the profanity is excessive-in keeping with the characters-but might be offensive to some readers. The violence is graphic, albeit “magical.”

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