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Monday, May 21, 2012

THE DAGONITES by Rick Carufel_Review

The Dagonites (The Chronicles of Underhill)The Dagonites by Rick Carufel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another gem of Lovecraftian horror, “The Dagonites” is a multi-layered complex: quantum physics, gentle romance, buried treasure, human sacrifice, cults, monstrous elder gods, Judeo-Christian relics, early 20th century Rhode Island’s Italian mobsters, academia, the occult and arcane. You name it, it can be found here. Another “I just can’t turn the pages fast enough and I sure can’t stop reading” from author Rick Carufel. I continue to be amazed at how totally and excellently author Carufel immerses himself (and his readers) into the Lovecraftian multidimensional multiverse. After only two novellas, I find myself repetitively glancing over my shoulder to check for approaching shadows, and cocking my ear to listen for the squish of tentacles.

Set in Providence in 1921 (accolades to Lovecraft’s own stomping grounds), a graduate student from Brown University and a female caving enthusiast and budding archeologist from Pembroke College (then a ladies’ institution affiliated with Brown) explore the myriad tunnels below the University and beyond to assist a physics professor who wishes to experiment with the relativity of time. First they uncover a treasure trove; then they uncover evil. Sometimes it’s best to leave certain doors closed, and certain tunnels unexplored.

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