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Monday, May 7, 2012

CAGED VIEW by Kenya Wright_Review

Caged View: A Collection of Urban Fantasy Short Stories (Habitat, #0.5)Caged View: A Collection of Urban Fantasy Short Stories by Kenya Wright

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A short story collection set in the same “alternate reality” as the author’s “Fire Baptized,” “Caged View” contains four stories. Three include characters from “Fire Baptized,” and the fourth is from the point of view of Ms. Wright’s upcoming novel “Chameleon.” In this reality, humans have been aware of Supernaturals since the 1970’s, and oddly, it is the human race which is in control, branding any Supernatural newborns according to their individual species, and forcing the Supernaturals to live in separate “habitats,” organized by a specific religion. These stories are set in the Santeria habitat.

These are really fast-moving stories, heavy on the plot and characterisations, nicely done on the emotional level as well. It’s not easy to elicit a lot of empathy for characters in a short story format, but author Wright does so well. In the context of a short story, we come to know the characters well and to either like or dislike them, but we come from a place of understanding.

I rate this story collection 18+ for graphic violence and profanity. Although linked to “Fire Baptized” and to “Chameleon,” the stories also function well as stand-alones and are a good introduction to the writings of Kenya Wright.

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