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Friday, May 18, 2012

BLACK MOUNTAIN AFFAIR by Drew Lindsay_Review

Reviewed for Great Minds Think Aloud

Black Mountain AffairBlack Mountain Affair by Drew Lindsay

“Black Mountain Affair” is a riveting, fascinating, mystery set in Far Northern Australia, in a territory once inhabited only by Aborigines, later settled by whites in what was often a bloody and violent confrontation. At sacred Black Mountain, where the fauna is often dangerous, including carnivorous “ghost bats,” two Aboriginal women-mother and daughter-are discovered, brutally murdered, in a cave. Next one of the investigating police detectives is killed while at the residence of a potential suspect. The brutal deaths don’t end here. Out there somewhere is a serial killer with a vengeance, and a hidden agenda the police cannot unravel.
The multicultural foundation of this novel is fascinating, and the author interweaves the socioeconomic conflicts between the native Aboriginals and the Caucasian culture.
This is a true page-turner; this reviewer could not set it aside. The author’s perception of the multicultural, socioeconomic, caste, and historical layers of this region of Australia would be worth reading. In addition, Drew Lindsay weaves a taut and complelling, multilayered, and very complex mystery which keeps us guessing throughout.

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