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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Spirit Box by J. H. Glaze_Review

The Spirit BoxThe Spirit Box by J.H. Glaze

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“The Spirit Box” is a rather convoluted horror tale, centering around a carved clay box originally constructed by a con artist masquerading as High Shaman of an ancient Norse-like tribe. Designed to hold the animated heart of the deceased Chieftain, the Spirit Box must collect souls till a “critical mass” is reached in order to resurrect the fallen leader. Despite the fact that the original events occurred millennia ago, in contemporary times, the Spirit Box still actively seeks to pillage souls and to control circumstances, and so many individuals find that they are capable of taking human life, with no particular advance intent and sometimes without real awareness as the killings occur.
Even in the midst of the plot complications, the story does maintain its point; and it’s intriguing how the “protagonist” in the Spirit Box manages to control his “acolytes,” not so much by force but rather by mental and emotional manipulation, sensing their deeper desires and motives and playing upon them.

I rated this novel 18+ for graphic violence and for extended use of profanity.

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