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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BENEATH THE SHADOWS by Sara Foster_Advance Review

Beneath the ShadowsBeneath the Shadows by Sara Foster

A captivating British country mystery, “Beneath the Shadows” commences one week after young couple Grace and Adam, and their small infant Millie, have taken possession of the isolated rural cottage Adam’s inherited from his late grandparents. Their new situation could not be more divergent from their “regular” life in a London flat, with their two careers-but Adam begs Grace to give it just a try, just six months while she extends her maternity leave. One week into their new living situation, though, and Grace discovers Millie, in her pram, soundly asleep, outside the front door-after twilight, and no sign of Adam, who had penned her a note while she was out at the shops. Grace has no idea where Adam is, why he’s disappeared, how Millie was returned to the door (and why outdoors and not inside). Adam’s passport is missing, but by the time another year has passed, it’s not ever been used. Grace returns with Millie to the cottage from her parents’ villa in the South of France, determined at last to search for clues, sort out Adam’s grandparents’ furniture and possessions, and rent the cottage out, long-term or for holiday travellers. But she will quickly discover that Adam’s going missing is not the only mystery.

Multi-layered, impeccably crafted, and smoothly-written, “Beneath the Shadows” is a riveting page-turner with a great reader’s hook and unrelenting suspense and mystery.

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