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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Safe Crossing by Chris Ewan_Review

Safe House: A MysterySafe House: A Mystery by Chris Ewan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Safe House” is a rather convoluted mystery with an intriguing background and backdrop. Set on the Isle of Man-a location which is basically unknown to many readers, but delightful to discover-this novel hits the ground racing and doesn’t stop ever. Rob, a heating/plumbing small businessman, accepts a job in an isolated rural area. The cottage’s residents seem odd to him, but he dismisses that until one of them, a blond calling herself Lena, asks him to give her a scenic ride on his motorbike. Rob’s father had been a famous racer until the accident that nearly killed him, and Rob also races in junior category, hoping to become professional as was his dad. But the ride with Lena-which begins in near-secrecy-ends in a crash, injuring Rob, and disappearing Lena entirely. The police know nothing, and claim he is delusional from brain trauma. Rob knows better; and the London P.I. whom his folks have hired to investigate his sister’s recent “suicide” believes Rob may be speaking truth after all.

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