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Saturday, May 19, 2012

THE EMPTY GLASS by J. I. Baker_Review

Reviewed for Great Minds Think Aloud

The Empty GlassThe Empty Glass by J. I. Baker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Marilyn Monroe’s 1962 death: accident? Suicide? Murder?

The coroner, Thomas Noguchi, ruled “probably suicide,” despite the fact that no evidence remained of barbiturate overdose, and evidence was present that her body had been moved. Nearly 50 years later (August 5, 1962, will mark the 50th anniversary of the then 36-year-old actress), conspiracy theories are rife, probably nearly as many as abound over the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, reputedly one of Marilyn’s many lovers (along with his brother Robert, also later assassinated while a Presidential candidate).

Will we ever know the truth? It’s not likely, but that never prevents conspiracy theorists, journalists, nor novelists from taking a go at discovery. “The Empty Glass” presents a theory as seen through the eyes, activity, and narration of one Ben Fitzgerald, employed by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office at that time as “Deputy Coroner, Suicide Notes and Weapons.” It’s a fascinating segment of history, whether one is a film buff, a feminist, an aficionado of historical mysteries, or a died-in-the-wool conspiracy theorist. Read “The Empty Glass,” and then decide for yourself:
Marilyn-suicide? Accident? Natural Causes? Or Murder and Staged Death Scene?

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