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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

THE SNOW by Ross S. Simpson

The SnowThe Snow by Ross S. Simon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Synchronistically, this is the second book I’ve read dealing with Evil Loki in less than a week. The previous novel was Jennifer Estep’s “Touch of Frost,” from the Mythos Academy series, which I read per a Goodreads challenge. It also purported Norse trickster god Loki as evil, head of an army of Reapers of Chaos (with eternal chaos, of course, being his dream).

In “The Snow,” Loki is not just evil-but bloodthirsty, gory, and, well-a deity, with all the powers of a deity at his disposal, including shape-shifting, possession, and extreme violence. So I guess from now on I’ll have to be careful if I ever encounter this guy-funny, I don’t recall the Native American version of The Trickster-Coyote-being this vicious.

The point of this novel is that Loki is an eternal deity (recurrently so, at least) and as an evil one, plots chaos, death, destruction, and massacre anywhere he can. Of course, it never starts with death, but with confusion, dissension, inability to understand another’s viewpoint-and then soon escalates to brutal slaughter. Loki never stops, not with Leif Ericksson’s crew, not with the Nazis, and not in contemporary society. He’s always got an eye toward sowing chaos.

I found that this novel had somewhat too much narrative; although there is a prevalence of graphic, gory, violent action (in detail), often one has to wade through too much narrative to reach that action.

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