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Monday, May 21, 2012

BODY, INC. by Alan Dean Foster_Review

Reviewed for Great Minds Think Aloud

Body, Inc.Body, Inc. by Alan Dean Foster

“Body, Inc.” is an exciting futuristic science fiction novel set in a future where the polar ice caps have melted, changing climates and topography. Africa is now in only three regional sections: North, Central, South-and South is ruled by the South African Economic Combine (SAEC-or “SICK”). Both humans and animals are routinely “melded,” or genetically enhanced and manipulated. For example, enhanced versions of the traditional Great White shark are utilized to patrol coastal waters and to remove illegal immigration.
Whispr, a meld who is so thin as to be almost invisible, and his business partner, brilliant but factually naïve Dr. Ingrid Seastrom, are tracking suspicious, possibly illegal, nanoimplants, and also trying to determine the meaning of a data storage thread Whispr had discovered. In this sequel to “The Human Blend,” former street criminal Whispr and medical doctor Ingrid travel from Savannah and South Florida to South Africa, both on the trail of information, and also to avoid SICK’s genetically modified and boosted assassin, Napun Mole.
“Body, Inc.” is Book 2 in “The Tipping Point” series.

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