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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Midnight Movie Creature FeatureMidnight Movie Creature Feature by T.W. Brown

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An anthology of horror in which each story is framed as a film title, with the author as the star, “Midnight Movie Creature Feature” returns to us those monsters we feared so much at the movies as children, together with some legendary creatures such as the Golem, which has a centuries-old lineage from medieval European Jewish history. These are not flash fiction, either, but fully realized, characterized, and plotted stories. As an anthology, some readers might find all the stories intriguing; others, like this reviewer, might find some especially exciting. Either way, there’s material here to appeal to all, and the film framework is catchy and intriguing. This is not a quick-write, quick-edit and hit print anthology AT ALL. Everyone involved in this put in tremendous effort, and this anthology deserves wide consideration.

I won’t list my specific favourites, because that’s only my individual tastes. But if you’re hunting for jaw-dropping, skin-crawling, looking-over-your-shoulder-to-see-the-monster kind of scary, check out “Midnight Movie Creature Feature.” And do leave the lights on.

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