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Saturday, May 19, 2012

HANGING BY A THREAD by Sophie Littlefield_Review

Reviewed for Great Minds Think Aloud

Hanging by a ThreadHanging by a Thread by Sophie Littlefield

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A YA paranormal mystery which fully engrossed even this much older reviewer, “Hanging by a Thread” pivots around Clare, an about-to-be high school junior who returns with her mother to Winston, California, to the town where Clare was born and spent her formative years. In fact, Winston had been the home of Clare’s maternal ancestors since her great-great-grandmother Alma operated a seamstress shop. Alma and one of her clients were killed by the client’s pathologically jealous fiancĂ©, but her unborn child was rescued and became Clare’s great-grandmother. For decades the shop had been considered haunted; now Clare and her accountant mother live there. Clare herself is haunted in a sense; an extraordinarily talented fashion designer, she renders vintage clothes new and exciting and unique-but she also sees and experiences visions from some items.

Winston as a town contains its own sorrows: two years ago on the Fourth of July, a young boy who had been a Little League All-Star died in a fall off a cliff. One year ago on the same date, a popular and beautiful adolescent girl disappeared, with no evidence remaining. Now Clare is getting very interested in one of that girl’s many boyfriends-and she is also seeing intense visions from the girl’s favourite designer denim jacket.

“Hanging by a Thread” is a strong page-turner which will captivate readers. Author Sophie Littlefield delves deep into each of her characters, more than is usual, making this book even more appealing. The twists and convolutions of the multiple plot lines keep readers guessing, and riveted. “Hanging by a Thread” should not be missed.

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