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Monday, August 10, 2015

TOUR: COME SIT BY ME by Thomas Hooblet

About the book:
The boy who shot seven people in the school library is dead. But did his secrets die with him?


Something terrible happened at Hamilton High last year, and those who survived don't want to relive the past. But Paul has just arrived, and gets the same locker that the shooter used. He wants to know what really happened...and you know what curiosity did to the cat.


About the author:
Thomas Hoobler has written many books for young people and adults, mostly in collaboration with his wife Dorothy. They won the Edgar Award for Best YA novel for their book, IN DARKNESS, DEATH. The Washington Post selected that book as one of the five Best Young Readers' Books of 2005. Their website is

Review: COME SIT BY ME by Thomas Hoobler

Now this book is exceptional. Thomas Hoobler makes the reader live the story through the eyes of narrator Paul, a high school student. We also see through other eyes, but I'm not going into detail in order not to spoil the story. These characters are tautly defined, and Mr. Hoobler's grasp of their motivations is nothing short of amazing. A certain two characters [not the obvious] chilled my blood, and they are cleverly designed portrayals of the ability of sociopaths, like chameleons, to blend into our society---and make us like it. This is the first novel dealing with school shootings I've been able to read, and it is highly worth reading.

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