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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Review: The White Night

The White Night The White Night by Desmond Doane
My rating: 0 of 5 stars


The description for THE WHITE NIGHT begins:
"Yes, you should be afraid of the dark..." in the context of this story, with its parallel plotting, it's not only the night hours you should fear. In addition to that determined right-hander demon (if possible, more evil than in the first GRAVEYARD: CLASSIFIED novel, THE DARK MAN), working his own demonic strategy, there is that lesser-known but supremely terrifying paranormal phenomenon: the black-eyed children. (No, not children whose eye color is black: these are solid black, no pupil/iris delineation.) They're not articulate; their monologue seems confined to "You need to let me in," and "Feed me. I'm hungry." But it seems they do have an agenda, and the rationale Mr. Doane proposes, through protagonist Ford, is mind-boggling.

So do be afraid of the dark; but be extra cautious in the daytime too, and careful whom you invite in.

Although I am on the author's advance list and received a copy, I also bought THE WHITE NIGHT on release.

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