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Thursday, December 6, 2012

TATTERDEMON by Steve Vernon_Review

TatterdemonTatterdemon by Steve Vernon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 I bought this almost solely on the review posted at . The cover art, the blurb, and the review all convinced me, plus I had already read one of Mr. Vernon's novels and know how good is his writing. []

Review of Tatterdemon by Steve Vernon
5 stars
A graphic, gory, violent-ridden horror novel, “Tatterdemon” stood my hair on end. Wildly creative, with a good premise, the story is stomach-churning but I consider it worth the read. A subtle trace of wry humour kept me chuckling in the midst of the terrors, sorely needed because these entities are pretty near implacable. Certainly the title character-who was no great shakes when alive-is similar to a Juggernaut. Think you know scarecrows? Think again: fields aren’t just for sowing crops. Sometimes they’re for harvesting scarecrow entities from the corpses of anything: human, animal, what have you-throw it into the mix (into the soil) and it comes back ambulatory and deadly.
Set in Nova Scotia, “Tatterdemon” is the story of the community of Crossfall and its environs, a fated locale if I ever read of one (think Roanoke Island, with killings instead of disappearances). All I know is, I never want to live there!

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