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Monday, December 31, 2012


I'm very excited to share with you that my new horror novel, The Zyne Project, is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in eversion. Bram Stoker Award-Winner Joe Mckinney calls it "A Zombie outbreak like no other...Medical Research hasn't been this frightening since Michael Crichton!" I hope you get a chance to check it out and appreciate your support.- Sara
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The Zyne Project Synopsis:
Six people agree to participate in a first-of-its-kind clinical trial. They’re ready to change the face of science, but they’re the ones who start changing. As each subject succumbs to the horror of the trial, they begin to turn against each other…and discover the nightmare within. What was supposed to be a medical breakthrough is turning regular people into something unimaginable. And there may be a deeper truth even more frightening than the beastly evolution occurring…
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Review by Mallory Heart Reviews

Review of The Zyne Project by Sara Brooke
5 Stars
Research science gone wrong…or something more insidious? Dr. Dan Johns, medical researcher, believes he has found the solution to permanent hair colour: gene therapy. Zyne Corporation loves the concept, and sets up a highly-publicized human trial, using six celebrities from various fields-surfer, socialite, entrepreneur, athlete, surgeon, Internet travel maven-to promote the new use of gene modification to, essentially, “fix” what Nature didn’t do right. Shaving heads, a few infusions, and everybody’s going to grow the new hair colour of choice-and for those suffering receding hairlines and thinning hair, maybe better hair growth than ever before. Right? Not quite. For the virus carrying the new gene modifications isn’t quite what it seems, nor exactly what is claimed for it: instead, it’s more, very much more, and the results aren’t pretty.

I really enjoyed this story; there’s plenty of gore for the gore-hungry readers among us, and poetic justice as well. Ms,. Brooke does a marvelous job of carefully unfolding the plot, giving us subtle clues along the way, but waiting to reveal the full story-and then, smacks us with a denouement which will have readers applauding. 

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