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Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIVORCEES.BIZ by Eileen Thornton_Review

Divorcees.BizDivorcees.Biz by Eileen Thornton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of by Eileen Thornton
Reviewed for SalGad Publishing
5 stars

This book represented a “read-out-of-my-genre” for me, which is something every reader benefits from. I was asked to review by the publisher, and I’m glad of it, because my usual genres are Horror, Supernatural, Mystery-Suspense, Thriller, Sci Fi, occasionally Urban Fantasy, and historical. Well, here is a novel that I would classify as “literary women’s fiction,” and I totally enjoyed it. The author does a superb job of delineating characters, through thoughts, dialogue, and bringing out the backstory through present interactions and encounters. The plotting is good, also; and the reader lives through the tension of building a start-up business, hoping against hope for a second chance in each of the character’s personal lives, and then the ups and downs as new people enter their frame of reference: will this work? Will that fail? Can we afford to go on, professionally or personally?

Jenny, Lucy, Connie, and Sadie are four close friends-close enough they’re not afraid to confront each other when one heads down the wrong path, or pridefully refuses to accept a joy-filled path. They are so real, so likable, and elicit the reader’s empathy. Living in London as divorcees, in all but one case struggling to maintain financially, the four women form an online upscale dating agency. The “hidden” agenda is for each to find a new relationship; but they also want to help others and to have a financial success. Not any of them are left out of the plotlines, either personally or professionally, and the novel is rich with emotions as well as the tensions of struggle and second-guessing oneself.

Obviously, I really enjoyed this novel, and I highly recommend it to any reader.

I reviewed an e-book version provided by the publisher, SalGad Publishing, in return for my fair and impartial review.

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